Manage your Time, Goals, Planning & To-Do Lists.

Time Optimizer — Apps that Create Time

What Specifically is a Waste of Your Time?

: How to identify Tasks that waste your time?
: Watch this video to find out.

How our apps are different from 
Calendar or To-Do list apps?

  • Goal Oriented – not just a Tasks Manager.
  • Time Calculation – not just a List of Tasks.
  • Your Goals are important, they are Primary.
  • Tasks are to accomplish Goals, they are Secondary.
  • Link Tasks to accomplish your Goals.
  • Intelligent Categorization of your Goals & Task.
  • Sometime-Today Tasks – these have the amount-of-time to accomplish the task but not specifically when this task will begin or be completed.  Calendars only have All-Day Tasks, which do not have amount-of-time.

The Results

  • All Your Tasks Completed.
  • Have More Free Time for Yourself.
  • Your Goals Accomplished Faster.

Have Enough Time Today?

Time for Friends Today?

To-Do List Completed?

Get Enough Sleep Today?

Achieving Your Goals?

Time for Yourself?

Finally! Something Goal-Oriented Wonderful ★★★★★
I have used a lot of calendars and planners - paper and pencil and electronic - and I have finally found one that helps keep me goal-oriented. This App allows me to find-tune my schedule so that I am not combing through tasks that are not important. It will help me stay on top of the things that really matter. I’m sold!!!
— R.G. Shelton